Jan 12 16



This blog began as a simple dream, and a mission: to visit as many pubs as is humanly possible in a year. Every pub visited will be reviewed using a number of parameters:

  • Range and quality of beer
  • Price
  • Service
  • Atmosphere


And a special category will measure how shitfaced the drunkest person in the pub is at the time of our visit, because every good pub needs an hilariously drunk patron. Their drunkenness will be measured out of five Gazzas.

We will also note other important features such as: is there a minimum spend on the card? And were there any dogs in the pub? And we’ll let you know whether they serve food, and if we try it we might even let you know what it’s like but we won’t be eating in every pub because that’s just not what pubs are for.

Like all good critics, we are extremely opinionated, barely knowledgeable on our subject, and almost constantly drunk. If that sounds anything like you then you’ll probably get a pretty good idea of whether you’ll enjoy a pub based on our experiences.

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