Jonathan Burrows

Jonny Burrows was born in Chiswick in 1987. He could be described as a gentleman and a scholar, albeit incorrectly. He can barely string a sentence together at the best of times, which explains his gainful employment as a graphic designer. His pet pub peeve is when there are other humans between himself and the bar. I built this site, and others like it.

Jack Cutforth

Jack Cutforth was born in Peterborough in 1987. His writing can be described as ‘award winning’ (he was awarded an A in GCSE English). His proudest moment was receiving almost 40 retweets for a picture of a dog that he saw on the news. His pet pub peeve is when they the music gets turned up to 300dB at 5pm to create ‘atmosphere’. He blogs about other things at and broadcasts his shitty opinions on Twitter: @jack_cutforth

Greg MacLeman

Greg MacLeman was also born in Peterborough but in 1986, which makes him older and more important than the other contributors. His lifelong love affair with the British pub began when Appetiser was still called Appletise, while his tastes range from The Waldorf’s Good Godfrey’s cocktail bar to the sticky floors and toothless ticket-wallah of Peterborough’s Metropolis Lounge. His pet pub peeve is people who bring the round system into disrepute.