Oct 4 17

Katzenjammers, Southwark, SE1

Jack Cutforth

You might not have guessed from the name, but this place is German. This place is so German that all of London’s major banking institutions are planning on relocating their lucrative trade there in 2019.

Here are some interesting facts about the word Katzenjammer:

The word katzenjammer is a dated slang term meaning ‘a severe hangover’, or some other feeling of distress.

The slang term katzenjammer originates from the German word katzen, meaning cat, and the German word jammer, meaning distress.

So katzenjammer means to be so hungover that it feels like you’ve got a distressed cat in your head. The Germans really do have a word for everything.

Here are some interesting facts about the bar Katzenjammers:

It is a Bavarian bierkeller (that means beer hall (that means hall in which beer is served))

It serves a variety of tasty biers (that means beers)

You can buy the biers by the stein (that means massive glass)

They also serve a variety of sausages, you know the type, they’re all long and thin and curled up, you know the ones I mean.

So yeah, it’s a big old hall in which you can buy enormous steins of bier, which are obviously superior because they’re bigger. Some people just buy the bier by the pint, and you judge them, the same way you judge someone in a regular pub who buys a half pint, you sit there and silently speculate on their bizarre motives: are they driving? Like, driving a plane or some heavy machinery or something? Are they conducting some weird social experiment? Are they just pathologically opposed to fun?

Confession: I love Germany. Real talk. I full on, balls to the breeze, love Germany. I also love beer, since you ask, and wait til you hear my opinions on being served beer in larger vessels thereby reducing the frequency of return trips to the bar. The answer will not surprise you.

So yeah, Katzenjammers is our kind of place. Fun, raucous, friendly, bit different. Will give you a hell of a distressed cat the next morning.

Beer: 4
Price: 3
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 5

Do they do food? Sausages mostly.
Are they in the 21st Century? Contactless accepted.
Are there dogs? Might get a bit rowdy for hunde.
I want to smoke: Street outside.