Dec 13 16

Waterloo Tap, Sutton Walk, Waterloo, SE1

Jack Cutforth

Visited: 11 December by JC

waterloo tap

Situated under one of the railway arches near Waterloo station, the Waterloo Tap is from the lovely people that brought you the Euston Tap, and there are some similarities:

  • Small
  • Near a station
  • Re-purposed an old arch
  • Serve a lot of craft beer
  • It’s really easy to review pubs by just writing lists
  • Why didn’t we think of this in January

If it works then don’t bother repairing it, as the famous saying goes. And what works in Euston works in Waterloo. Ok, it’s far from the first trendy new bar to employ one of the hundreds of railways arches around London, but you can hardly accuse these guys of hopping on the bandwagon, and anyway – it works. Each side of the arch is walled off with glass, allowing you to sit and watch the people walk by while you enjoy one of the 20-ish beers they have on offer.

As in Euston, the staff are happy to talk you through the large selection. Most beers are £5-6ish per pint.

A strong addition to Waterloo’s already healthy pub scene.

Beer: 4
Price: 3
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4

Do they do food? Not that kind of place.
Are they in the 21st Century? Cards accepted.
Are there dogs? Dog friendly, certainly.
I want to smoke: Small smoking area with a heater.