Sep 12 16

The Prince Regent, Dulwich Road, Brixton, SE24

Jack Cutforth

Visited: 23 August by JC & JB


This is just over the road from Brockwell Lido, if you fancy some post-swim pints or some pre-swim pints. Just kidding, you should never have pints before swimming pints. Spirits are much better as they’re less heavy. Just kidding, you shouldn’t drink anything before you go swimming. Stick to the cocaine, speed and other stimulants. Just kiddi…alright, that’ll do.

This is a friendly, spacious boozer which makes the most of its excellent location on the edge of the park. There’s a nice area out front which will be rammed on a sunny day, and makes an excellent destination for after you’ve been sitting in the park all day.

Inside it’s nicely decorated and there’s plenty of room so you shouldn’t struggle for a table. The beer selection is alright, though not brilliant, and it’s reasonably priced.

The service is friendly, but when we visited there was just one person on the entire bar. It was a warm weeknight so there’s a chance they were caught out by how busy it was, but still, through no fault of the person behind the bar, the wait for a drink was so long we almost abandoned the pub altogether. A decision we don’t take lightly. But to be fair, this felt like a one off problem and was eventually sorted with more bar staff.

That aside, this is a great destination to head to when you’ve had enough of the park, and one of many great pubs in this area.

Beer: 3
Price: 4
Service: 2
Atmosphere: 4

Do they do food? Standard pub grub.
Are they in the 21st Century? Cards accepted.
Are there dogs? There were so many dogs outside. It was glorious.
I want to smoke: Nice area with benches out front.