Jul 30 16

The Queens, Broadway Parade, Crouch End, N8

Jack Cutforth

Visited: 28 May by JC


Crouch End is a pain in the arse to get to. It isn’t close to any useful stations (Finsbury Park is a bus ride away) and it’s at the top of a big hill. It’s where you move when you’ve finally made peace with the fact that, actually, living near a wide variety of high quality artisan cafes and bakeries is more important to you than being able to conveniently get to the sleazy delights of Central London. It’s where you go to live when you stop wasting your weekends sweating profusely in the smoking area of XOYO and start wasting them by eating brunch and worrying about school catchment areas.

It’s very nice, though. If you wander around Crouch End for a bit makes you feel quite civilized – even though you definitely aren’t – as if your body has soaked up some of the residual civilization in the atmosphere [n.b. I don’t know if that’s how being civilized works].

The Queen’s is one of the things which makes Crouch End very nice. It’s a beautiful old building, looking like a Proper Old Pub both inside and out. It’s spacious and old fashioned inside, resplendent with those really big comfortable old chairs, you know the ones I mean.

Despite the aged atmosphere and decor, the drink selection is nice and up to date. We went for a Wolf Rock Red IPA, and there were also some BrewDog offerings and plenty more lagers and ales, all reasonably priced.

Best of all, there’s a charming outside area out back. Predictably it’s popular on a sunny day, but we didn’t struggle to find somewhere to sit. And once you find somewhere to sit, well it’s just so lovely you’ll find yourself staying for several more pints. It was enough to almost make us feel grown up and civilized. Almost.

Beer: 4
Price: 3
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4

Do they do food? Yes, but we didn’t try it.
Are they in the 21st Century? Contactless and no minimum.
Are there dogs? There were about half a dozen when we were there.
I want to smoke: Nice little garden out back.