Jul 26 16

Tapping the Admiral, Castle Road, NW1

Jack Cutforth

Visited: 3 June by JC & JB


This places is located on a slightly run-down side street somewhere between Camden and Kentish Town, so the chances are you’ll only stumble across it if you were trying to be all clever by avoiding the hellishly busy main streets of Camden but then got really lost and now you’re wandering around with your hands in your pockets tightly clutching your wallet and phone, your uneasiness at these backstreets revealing that for all your dinner table talk about how tragic the gentrification of London is, you’d give anything to be walking past bespoke bakeries and Waitroses right now, you hypocrite and we’re sorry that sentence quickly got quite aggressive for no reason didn’t it?

Let’s start again. The location of Tapping the Admiral means it relies on word of mouth, so it’s a good job it’s the sort of pub you’ll want to recommend to your friends. From the outside, it looks like it’s in need of a renovation, until you remember that the outside of a pub has literally no impact on your enjoyment of it. Inside, it’s old fashioned and cosy, with a fireplace and – even better – a pub cat called Nelson.

There’s a good selection of lagers and ales (it’s a favourite of CAMRA) and they’re reasonably priced. The menu is also very reasonably priced, and pies are a speciality. We weren’t too peckish but the sandwich we ordered was massive, delicious and inexpensive.

If you’re in Camden it’s definitely worth stepping off the beaten track and finding the Admiral. Get away from the crowds and the overpriced food and drinks, and enjoy a quiet pint with Nelson.

Beer: 4
Value: 4
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4

Do they do food? Yes, reasonably and delicious
Are they in the 21st Century? Contactless and no minimum spend.
Are there dogs? Not sure how dog-friendly Nelson the cat is
I want to smoke: Smoking area outside