Mar 26 16

Tommy Flynn’s Pub & Kitchen, Holloway Road, N7

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Monday 1 February by JC


The unassuming replacement to the Hercules Tavern on Holloway Road. The name ‘Tommy Flynn’s Pub and Kitchen’ suggests that they can’t decide whether they’re an old-school Irish boozer or a gastropub.

It definitely leans closer towards the former, with a limited but very cheap selection of lagers, friendly service, banter between regulars, and massive televisions everywhere.

There’s a real feel that this is a community pub, and while you probably wouldn’t bring a date here, it’s ideal for a cheap pint or to watch the football.

Speaking of which, when I was here I was sitting near two old boys who were having their dinner and watching the TV, waiting for the Arsenal game to kick off. The trouble was, the Arsenal game had already kicked off, about 15 minutes earlier, and was being shown on every television in the pub except the one they were staring at, which was showing BT Sports News. Boozehound did his bit for the community by letting them know they might need to change the channel.

And then on my way out I was offered some DVDs by an elderly Chinese woman. I don’t want to sound like a cynic but I have a slight suspicion that her wares may not have been totally legal and above board, so I politely declined.

It was certainly an interesting Monday night visit to the pub, and I would happily return.

Beer: 1
Price: 5
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 2

Do they do food? It’s got the word kitchen in its name.
Are they in the 21st Century? No minimum card payment if you have contactless, if not it’s ten pound minimum.
Are there dogs? Would be dog friendly
I want to smoke: Street.
Televisions? Yes and all the live sports. Well, all the football anyway.