Mar 20 16

Effra Hall Tavern, Kellett Road, Brixton, SW2

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Sunday 31 January by JB and JC


This place is in the ‘old school boozer’ category, and it ticks a lot of those boxes very well: the staff are very friendly and very efficient, there are plenty of big screens showing sports, the drinks are fairly cheap, and there’s a pleasant relaxed vibe which is definitely conducive to sinking a few pints on a hungover Sunday.

At night they often have live jazz and other music, and we imagine it would be a good venue for that.

Not one for the beer aficionados: their selection is limited to the bog-standard lagers. We couldn’t see any ales on offer or even anything more adventurous than a Grolsch on tap. The chicken seems to be popular, but the other food platters seemed unadventurous and overpriced, to be honest.

If we lived nearby we’d probably frequent the Effra Hall a lot: any time we wanted somewhere to watch the football, or just wanted somewhere with a good atmosphere, friendly service and no difficult choices about what drink to order (you can have a premium lager, a pisswater lager, a Guinness or a cider). Because sometimes you’re just too hungover to deal with the Sophie’s Choice between 15 enticing beers.

But we probably wouldn’t travel a great distance to come here. If we’re in the area we’d prefer the Effra Social down the road. Although to be honest it might just be because there’s a sign on the door saying dogs aren’t welcome, and Boozehound is firmly in the ‘dogs > people’ camp.

Beer: 2
Price: 3
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 2

Do they do food? The jerk chicken is supposed to be great. Otherwise, roll up for an overpriced and unadventurous platter.
Are they in the 21st Century? Yes.
Are there dogs? There’s even a sign on the door saying no dogs allowed. A sure fire way to put us in a bad mood before we even step inside.
I want to smoke: Smoking area out back.