Mar 16 16

The Duke of Edinburgh, Ferndale Road, Brixton, SW9

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Sunday 31 January by JB and JC



If someone says ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ and what springs to mind? An ancient royal who earns his keep by entertaining the nation with inappropriate and racist remarks? Or perhaps an award that people did at school. Other people, obviously. The sort of annoyingly worthy people who are now doctors or lawyers rather than high-functioning alcoholics writing about pubs in some scarcely visited corner of the internet.

That is, until you visit the Duke of Edinburgh in Brixton. After that, what will come to mind is: Bloody Massive Garden. Seriously, this thing is huge. It makes the pub a must-visit during summer. If you’re reading this review on a gloriously hot day, having hastily googled ‘beer garden summer brixton’ and then had the misfortune of clicking on our website, then read no further. Seriously, the review won’t get any better than this. You have found the pub to go to, and it is called the Duke of Edinburgh.

Despite the size, this garden will still fill right up on a hot day so get there early. Just to add to the temptation, there are barbecues and a bar outside stocked with delicious Big Wave beer.

During the winter months they make the most of the garden by installing a covered mini-golf course, which is a stroke of genius (yes, that pun was intended. We’re comfortable with who we are.)

But of course, this is England. It’s currently March. It really does feel like Summer was nothing more than a cruel hallucination; something that never actually happened; certainly something that never will happen again. You want to know what this pub is like during the 11.5 months of the year when it’s too cold for shorts.

Still not bad, to be honest. It’s spacious, split into a few different rooms, has a large bar with a large selection of reasonably priced beers, and also offers the usual pub grub. There are big screens and it’s very much a rugby pub, but there’s generally a good atmosphere for any sporting event. There’s even a pool table, which you don’t see enough these days.

So if you are here during the winter, you can still have a good time: follow our lead and nab one of the super comfortable old leather chairs by the fire and try, if only for a moment, to forget that you live in a wintry, barren land, bereft of light and heat for most of the year.

Beer: 4
Price: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 4

Do they do food? BBQs out back for events, normal pub food also.
Are they in the 21st Century? Yes.
Are there dogs? Yes.
I want to smoke: You’ve come to the right place.
Are there TVs? Big screens showing lots of sports.