Mar 16 16

Camden’s Daughter, Kentish Town Road, NW5

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Thursday 28 January by JC & JB


This is a new offering from the people behind Camden Town Brewery. In case you were wondering why it was called Camden’s Daughter when it’s technically in Kentish Town. Now you know.

We visited on a Thursday night before heading to a gig at the Forum, and it was busy without being too busy. Interestingly, the band we went to see after was Daughter. And this place is called Camden’s Daughter. Do you see? Ok we know that’s not interesting, please don’t leave.

What’s it like? It’s different to every other pub in Kentish Town. The other pubs in the area tend to be of the dark, old fashioned type whereas this place is all white walls and big windows and bright lights. Now, Boozehound is stubbornly old fashioned and is usually a big fan of the dark as it hides our hideous features, but actually the fact that this place is so different makes it a great addition to the area, and livens up any pub crawl in Kentish Town.

If you’re a fan of Camden Town Brewery then it goes without saying that you’ll enjoy the beers: they’re all here, and they’re actually very reasonably price. Most of the standard ones (you know, Hells, Gentleman’s Wit, the ones which aren’t way over 5% basically) are comfortably under £5. There’s also a rotating selection of guest beers for those of you who want to pretend that CTB’s beers taste ‘different’ now that they’ve been sold to a global brewer.

There’s also a very tempting food selection which we’ll definitely be trying next time: mostly kebabs, but they seem to be making an effort to get the best ingredients so probably better than the offering you’ll get from the kebab shop down the road, and with the added bonus that you can eat it in a pub.

They’ve done well with this pub. It’s in a great location to catch pre-gig drinkers, Kentish Town regulars and tourists who got a bit freaked out by Camden Market and just kept on walking until they weren’t in Camden anymore. And importantly, they’re offering something different. Something that will contrast with some of the other (also excellent) pubs you visit in Kentish Town. And for that reason Camden’s Daughter should be a must visit the next time you’re in the area.

Beer: 4
Price: 4
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4

Do they do food? Yes and it looks good.
Is it in the 21st century? Contactless and no minimum.
Are there dogs? Sign on the door saying ‘If your dog’s friendly, we’re friendly’
I want to smoke: Street outside.