Feb 29 16

The Prince of Wales, Hampton Road, Twickenham, TW2

Jack Cutforth

Visited on 28 January by GM


Round two of covert pub reviews, The Prince of Wales, a few hundred yard’s stagger further towards Hampton Hill.

Initial impressions are of a quieter – and smaller – place than The Albert, but still warm and welcoming. A variety of ciders stand out at the bar, including the ubiquitous Thatchers and Strongbow, plus the local Twickenham Ales ‘Naked Ladies’, which is lovely. Boozehound’s snout was drawn to ‘Krusovice’ which, despite sounding like a device in which to trap The King of the Jews is in fact a Czech lager. It comes in a massive glass and tastes quite nice, and at £4.50 is an improvement on the local norm. There’s also Tim Taylor’s Landlord, for fans, and something called New World Pale Ale, which we’ll definitely try the next time we’re in.

We reckon this place has been around for a long time, rather than being dressed up to look that way. The walls are covered in old advertisements and pictures, including an awesome mirror promoting – real ale drinkers look away now – Double Diamond lager, and the place has an honest air of history. Tin plates and ceramic steins will never go out of fashion in our eyes. There’s Sky Sports on the telly, plus some cool tunes (currently AC/DC’s Back in black) being piped in, but it doesn’t look like there’s a jukebox.

The clientele is probably a bit older than at The Prince Albert, so it’s a more relaxed place to pass the time.

In unrelated news, Boozehound is becoming increasingly accustomed to drinking alone (and pulling out the laptop like a cock at a tupperware party). The Crucifix might have something to do with it. To the bar!

Beer: 3 (an interesting selection, but some more craft beers would be great)
Price: 3
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 3

Do they do food? I think so, but I haven’t seen it. Which is probably a bit unusual for a pub at 7pm on a Friday night.
Is it in the 21st century? And how – contactless available on low amounts, plus the barman asked if I wanted cash back, which is cool.
Are there dogs? Dogs will not be an issue.
I want to smoke: These are getting increasingly difficult to write: I don’t smoke. Go outside! We need to think up a new question. [A good smoking area can turn a decent pub into a great pub. The question stays! ed]