Feb 10 16

The Fox, Church Street, Twickenham, TW1

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Friday 22 January by JB, JC & GM

The Fox

This pub, on Church Street opposite the Eel Pie, is in quite a strange shape and feels a bit unusual. This is probably because half of the pub is the original 300 year old building and half is a recent refurb. It gives the place a unique feel. It’s also fairly cheap, with a middling selection of beers/lagers. For this reason it gets really busy at the weekends, and when we were there it was rammed with quite a few LADS, who wouldn’t have looked out of place in a City pub.

We were there at about 6pm on a Friday but it was already really busy. It was also staffed by one very able and efficient, but totally overwhelmed, member of staff. As well as serving about a dozen people waiting at the bar she was dealing with phone calls.

Any seasoned drinker will understand the frustration of waiting too long for a drink at a bar. You obsessively watch them make the drinks, counting off the order. There’s the lager…there’s the vodka coke…there’s the wine, and that’s it. Maybe you’re next. Oh, they’re ordering some shots as well now. Pricks. There’s the shots done. Maybe that’s it. Oh, someone else has caught their eye. And they’re ordering five Guinnness. Maybe if you lean over you can drink some of the dregs out of the drip trays when they’re not looking. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Anyway, this was our experience last time we were at the Fox (we resisted the urge to lean over though) and it did taint things somewhat. Eventually some backup arrived, but it was still poor planning to have the bar staffed by just one person for so long on a Friday night.

Aside from that, though, it’s a pleasant pub. with a good atmosphere. It makes a good compliment to the Eel Pie over the road. They also often have live music. Speaking of which, we just had to share this Trip Advisor review, which is incandescent with rage about…a slightly out of date list of who’s playing at the pub.


Aside from the fact that this guy’s spelling of ‘who’s’ makes it look at first glance like he wants to know who sorts out the whores, which would make for a much more interesting review, we can’t figure out if Dick is the name of the owner or just an insult here. Either way, he clearly needs to SORT HIS ACT OUT. Reviews like this show us just how much Boozehound has to compete with. Makes us feel a bit usless to be honest.

Beer: 3
Price: 3
Service: 2
Atmosphere: 3

Do they do food? Yes.
Are they in the 21st Century? Cards accepted.
Are there dogs? Should be dog friendly.
I’m hungover, do they do a Bloody Mary? Probably but if you order one on a busy Friday night when they’ve only got one member of staff then we will personally attack you.
I want to smoke: Nice smoking area.