Feb 7 16

The Cricketers, The Green, Richmond, TW9

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Friday 22 January by GM/JC


The Cricketers is one of those places that will either be described as the best pub in Richmond or the worst pub in Richmond, depending on whether your Twitter bio says you’re a ‘foodie’, or you’ve had the same pair of socks on for six days and know that Frosty Jack’s Strong White Cider is made from onions, not apples. The Boozehound broadly falls into the second category, but that doesn’t mean The Cricketers is completely without its charms.

Situated bang on Richmond Green, it’s a perfect place to pick up a beer and lie in the sun watching the cricket as your french au pair girlfriend makes daisy chains and discusses avant garde poetry. You probably wear red trousers, and don’t mind that the beer – though decent, and local in selection – is a bit on the expensive side. Incredibly, a (tiny) glass of coke costs nearly as much: heaven help you if you want to add a mixer to the party.

Our last visit was actually for the food, which is resoundingly excellent. Ms Boozehound had the chicken and loved it, Mr Boozehound had the pork belly, then the rest of the chicken because the pork belly, though delicious, was disappointingly small. We were also a bit narked not to find any decent Czech lagers, but the Twickenham Ales probably make up for it if you have a beard full of egg yoke.

The place has the look of an authentic bar, but to be honest it’s more gastropub than stumbleoutofthepub. It’s just rough enough around the edges for the locals (who earn more per household than some African countries) to feel like they’re slumming it with the hoi polloi, but it’s not quite honest enough for the discerning alcoholic.

Beer: 3
Price: 2
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 3

Do they do food? Yes. We recommend the pork belly, and that you complain straight away if it’s small rather than after you’ve eaten two full dinners. You might get further than we did.
Are they in the 21st Century? Card machines anchored to the bar, just like in Wetherspoons. Should that tell us something?
Are there dogs? They probably like the idea more than the practice, but it’s on the green so why not.
I want to smoke: And you can, sir. There are a few barrels and a square of astroturf out front, but it’s easier just to walk onto the street. Get a plastic cup and take your beer.