Feb 7 16

The Eel Pie, Church Street, Twickenham, TW1

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Friday 22 January by JC & GM


There aren’t actually as many pubs in Twickenham as you think, and even fewer located in the centre of the town. Of those, The Eel Pie is probably the best. It isn’t an old school boozer, but it’s a fantastic place to meet up for a few jars.

Located on the same road at The Fox and just around the corner from The Barmy Arms, The Eel Pie is by far and away the most trendy of the lot. The full length glass windows are super inviting and unlike some pubs in the area, it’s the sort of place you could arrange to meet the gals without feeling intimidated by the likes of us creeping at the bar and stinking up the place with our craziness. An exception was made for this review.

There are a load of comfortable sofas with cool – if a bit staged – decorations. The pub plays up its rugby credentials, plus there are loads of books and pairs of binoculars on the shelves. It’s always busy, especially in the evening when it’s at its best.

Where The Eel Pie excels as a drinking evening venue, it falters in other areas. We don’t like writing bad things about pubs, because quite clearly we spend so much time in them, but I’m afraid it would be remiss to recommend eating at The Eel Pie. The menu sounds great, but nothing truly lives up to the description – let alone the price tag. The burgers are more than £13 and aren’t great, the halloumi comes with no sauce or dip, and the £4 ‘chocolate afagato’ is literally hot chocolate poured over a single scoop of ice cream. It’s like paying £4 for the sh*tty dregs of someone else delicious ice cream dessert, which is stupid no matter what language you write it in. Sorry.

Beer: 3
Price: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 4

Do they do food? Yeah, but give it a miss. It sounds great but it’s overpriced and not very tasty (sorry guys!)
Is it in the 21st century? All mod cons
Are there dogs? Didn’t see any, but don’t bank on it.
I want to smoke: Street.