Jan 23 16

The World’s End, Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Saturday 9 January by JB

Worlds End FP

This pub generally falls into the category of ‘does the job if you’re after a quick pint’. If you’re near the station and that’s all you’re looking for, it’s a safer bet than the Twelve Pins. It’s usually likely to be pretty empty as well, unless there’s football on.

That’s one other reason you might be tempted to come here, actually: they’ve got big screens, and lots of smaller screens, so if you’re in Finsbury Park and want to watch the football in a good atmosphere, this might be the place for you. Likewise, if you tried the Faltering Fullback but foolishly arrived too late then the World’s End makes a serviceable back up.

It’s an odd shape, and feels like it’s been cobbled together out of several buildings with too many doors.

There’s a relatively good selection of beer on offer, but when Boozehound last visited we were given our drink in a plastic fucking cup. We don’t like plastic fucking cups. Now, granted, it was a Saturday night, but it was also completely empty except about three other patrons (compared with the Fullback which was heaving at the same time). Charles Bronson would have struggled to start a riot in there.

We’re not just being pissy here (well not entirely). Beer tastes worse out of a plastic cup. The plastic reacts with the drink in a way that glass doesn’t. It’s the same reason coke tastes nicer out of a glass bottle. Plastic cups are only acceptable at festivals and other large events with thousands of people, all having a good time. When you serve me a pint in a plastic cup anywhere else it only serves to highlight just how much less enjoyable your venue is than, say, a festival or any other large event with thousands of people. Perhaps they have a blanket policy to use plastic cups on Saturday nights, regardless of how busy it is, but if so then that says something about the atmosphere they must get in there.

Not a bad pub at all, and a good one for the football, but otherwise: don’t be so lazy and walk to the WB Yeats or Faltering Fullback.

Beer: 3
Price: 4
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 2

Do they do food? Yes but we’ve never tried it.
Are they in the 21st Century? No minimum spend and contactless payments accepted.
Are there dogs? You might see the odd one when it’s not too busy.
I want to smoke: Stand outside. They put a couple of crappy chairs and some barrels in the street outside but it would be an insult to the word ‘area’ to call it a smoking area.