Jan 20 16

The Cock and Woolpack, Finch Lane, Bank

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Monday 4 January by JB

This is a strange but unassuming pub, which is within pissing distance from Bank. Don’t ask us how we know that, or why we’re no longer welcome at Bank. Given its location you might expect the place to be overpriced and filled with City Boys, fixing Libor rates in the bogs (I assume that’s what they’re doing in the locked cubicles for so long). But you would be wrong to expect that. Great expectations, idiot.

When Boozehound visited there was nary a City Boy in sight. In fact there was nary a person in sight, because it was during working hours on a Monday. Because Boozehound had the foresight to book the first Monday of the year off work so he could sit in the pub while you sat through endless hours of small talk about your colleagues’ Christmas breaks and wondered if there the cord for your mouse was long enough to hang yourself with.

So yeah, it was empty except for the three Dutch guys who were standing around the bar. And it turns out one of them was the barkeep. They were friendly and chatty, and very proud of their pub.

Considering the location, this pub is fantastically cheap. It was £4 for a pint of Oranjeboom which would be considered cheap anywhere within the M25 (any many places further afield for that matter), but for somewhere so close to the heart of the City it’s a bloody miracle.

Overall this pub was completely empty and lacking in atmosphere when Boozehound visited – but that’s kind of to be expected on the first Monday of the year. Unfortunately most people aren’t as dedicated to pubs as we are. But just remember this: those pubs that you deign visit with your colleagues in December have to stay open all year round, and it’s only through the kind donations of feckless, high functioning alcoholics like ourselves that they can do so. Heroes? That’s not for us to say. But maybe.

Even if the atmosphere is always like this, though (and we doubt it), the friendly staff would make up for it – and the £4 pints make up for it even more. An unexpected treat, and definitely worth a visit.

Beer: 2
Price: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 2

Do they do food? Yeah but I probably wouldn’t eat it.
Are they in the 21st Century? Just about. Card machines, unsure about min charge
Are there dogs? Seemed dog friendly.
I want to smoke: Stand on the street you bum.