Jan 20 16

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge Road, Tower Bridge

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Friday 8 January by JB

This pub has a strange layout which may well confuse you if you’ve already been to four pubs before entering. It’s on two floors but both floors exit directly onto the street (one out the front and the other out the back). Boozehound was just about ready to accuse the landlord of witchcraft but it turns out it’s caused by something called ‘gradient’ apparently. Who knew.

This pub was pretty confusing generally. A man at the bar bought Boozehound a pint and a bowl of chips, though it came at the cost of hearing his life story. It turns out he was the owner of the bar (unless he was making that up, which is possible, or Boozehound is misremembering, which seems highly unlikely) and more free pints followed. Can’t really argue with that for service.

I won’t lie, this is approaching the ‘Memento’ portion of a Friday night, where the only memories I have are pieced together from whatever notes I typed into my phone or tattooed onto my body. Who the fuck is Sammy Jankis? The vibe I get about this pub was that it was fun, friendly, good selection of beers and quite spacious. I am pretty sure I liked it. But maybe that’s the free beers talking.

Thank you for reading another shatteringly informative review from Boozehound.  

Beer: 3
Price: 3 (5 if someone takes a liking to you)
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 2

Do they do food? Yes, standard pub food. I had chips and got berated for putting mayo on them.
Are they in the 21st Century? I’m not sure as my drinks were free.
Are there dogs? Yes.
I’m hungover, do they do a Bloody Mary? Yes.
I want to smoke: Street smoking.