Jan 18 16

Canbury Arms, Canbury Park Road, Kingston

Jack Cutforth

Visited: Sunday 3 January by JB

Actual genuine historical fact: this pub is tucked away down a side street near to the site where they used to build Sopwith Camels during the First World War and then Hawker Hurricanes during its sequel, First World War 2: Revenge of the Nazis. So you can drink in some history at the Canbury Arms, then wash your history down with a pint of Amstel.

Much like the Sopwith Camel, the Canbury Arms is a single-seat biplane fighter which shot down over 1,000 enemy aircraft during the First World War. [citation needed]

More accurately, just as the Sopwith Camel was one of the most well known and loved planes during the Great Way, in Boozehound’s opinion the Canbury Arms is one of the best pubs in Kingston.

As you may be able to tell, this pub is a long-standing Boozehound favourite, discovered during a last-ditch attempt to find a single decent boozer in Kingston.

There is an OK selection of beers, with standard London pricing. The staff are always friendly as well. But it’s the food that sets it apart: it really is superb. When Boozehound lived in the area he was a regular for the breakfasts: Eggs Royale, with a side of spinach and a Guinness. Breakfast of champions.

WARNING: this pub is best enjoyed during the week, or evenings at weekends. During the daytime on Saturday and Sunday the pub essentially becomes a crèche with alcohol. Which isn’t as fun as it sounds. Expect to be surrounded by screaming children and glassy eyed parents, wondering where it all went wrong.

That aside, if you’re in Kingston, definitely go to this pub. It is – just about – a pub that serves food rather than a restaurant with a bar attached – and it is definitely worth going for the food alone. Just like the Sopwith Camel. [citation needed]

Beer: 3
Price: 3
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

Do they do food? Well worth coming for the food alone.
Are they in the 21st Century? No minimum spend. No contactless though.
Are there dogs? Frequently
I’m hungover, do they do a Bloody Mary? Yes, at a cost.
I want to smoke: Several benches in the front garden. Also a small walled garden out back where you aren’t meant to smoke but nobody gives a shit.